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TU Delft Guest Centre

TU Delft actively cooperates with fellow universities, research institutions, government institutions and companies all over the world. Every year we welcome hundreds of representatives of these organisations to our campus. The TU Delft Guest Centre can advise and support you in the organisation of the visits of these delegations. TU Delft is a university with a leading global reputation. We like to show the same quality in the way we receive our guests. That is why client service and hospitality are top priority for the TU Delft Guest Centre.

In this digital magazine you can read all about the Guest Centre.

We are looking forward working with you.

Guest Centre Team

'TU Delft Guest Centre contributes to the TU Delft Strategic motto in the most straightforward way: people visiting TU Delft experience its warm hospitality and inspiring community: true impact for better society’

Servaas Duterloo - Head of Unit Team EU Research Funding