Library Roadmap 2020-2024 Summary

Digitalisation has changed the role of libraries. They are no longer places where reliable knowledge is stored, as was traditionally the case. In this new age, a library serves as a guide to help you find valuable knowledge – regardless of where it is stored (physically in the library or digitally anywhere in the world); knowledge that takes study, research and society to a higher plane. At TU Delft Library, every day we help people find the relevant and reliable knowledge of others, and publish and store their own knowledge. In this way we ensure that knowledge flows freely, and that TU Delft’s knowledge can have value for others. This is our contribution to the overall mission of TU Delft: Impact for a Better Society.

Strategic themes We have chosen the following three strategic themes for the period 2020-2024.

  1. Open Science Thanks to our network function on campus, our informal working method and can-do attitude, within TU Delft we are at the vanguard of and are facilitating the culture change to Open Science. Over the next four years, we will be managing the TU Delft-wide strategic programme ‘Open Science – Research and Education in the Open Era’. Open Science stands for a new, more open and inclusive way of providing scientific education and performing research. To this end, more collaboration and greater transparency are needed in every phase of research and educational development. Just like research results and methods, in the future, teaching and learning methods will also be developed with more collaboration and shared more widely and openly. This will enable knowledge to flow freely and allow others the opportunity to build on it.
  2. Visibility and impact We use our expertise and tools in the fields of data management, research intelligence and publishing to increase the findability, visibility and impact of TU Delft knowledge. We offer our researchers, lecturers, students and alumni the relevant research results and study materials of others, so that they can build on them. We make trends and developments visible by applying advanced analyses (including bibliometrics). In addition, we help people to make sound choices regarding, for example, publication and dissemination strategies, mutually reinforcing partnerships and upcoming research disciplines.
  3. Inspiring learning and working environment Anyone can come to the Library to study in peace and quiet. This is in line with being an inclusive organisation. The Library is also literally the place where you find new ideas and insights. Access to the building and Library staff is low threshold and we provide suitable workspaces. Through our stimulating activities, we ensure that visitors pick up new ideas and knowledge for study, research or work, and we participate actively in this in our role as a knowledge broker. We organise activities aimed at co-creation and we put discipline-specific subjects on a broader platform.

The themes are aligned with each and are intertwined. They are therefore not separate themes. For example, if more knowledge becomes freely available due to the success of the Open Science culture change, this could increase visibility and impact because society has gained access to this knowledge. And knowledge that is easily accessible can inspire people in their work or studies.

Organisation To make this future possible, it is important that everyone at the Library can contribute to the themes. We have therefore drawn up four building blocks for the organisation.

Knowledge and skills (this is what we can do in 2024)

  • We are experts in finding, selecting, metadating, managing and presenting information.
  • We expand our skills to acquire knowledge effectively and in creative ways.
  • We build networks and use them in our work, we are creative and flexible.
  • We use ideas from within and beyond the Library as a breeding ground so that, together with others, we can accelerate the impact of knowledge.

Co-creation (this is how we collaborate in 2024)

  • We enter into equal partnerships and work together in a co-creation process to improve products and services.
  • We listen to our partners so that we better understand what they do, enabling us to easily make cross-connections that lead to new partnerships.

Attitude and behaviour (this is how we work in 2024)

  • We have an open and proactive attitude; we listen to our target groups and we are visible, approachable and dedicated.
  • We take the lead in our work and we continue to develop personally; we actively anticipate developments in the world around us.
  • We work in accordance with the TU Delft code of conduct; this means that we are respectful towards one another, we take other people’s values into account and we represent the interests of TU Delft in our work.

Infrastructure and services (this is what we will need in 2024)

  • We use innovative processes, facilities, infrastructure and systems.
  • We utilise the right networks and work actively with partners so that we can identify changing needs early; to this end, we constantly evaluate our procedures and facilities (via ‘user experience’ and ‘ask your library’) and develop them further.
  • We experiment on a small scale with new technologies and assess how they can benefit us.