In order to fulfill the Extensions School’s mission to educate the world and enhance the quality of TU Delft's campus and continuing education, a set of quality indicators, both qualitative and quantitative, have been defined and applied to successfully benchmark all our quality activities.

The Quality Standards & Indicators pertain to three levels: Institutional, Portfolio, and Course. This three-level approach allows us to better organize and execute the Extension School’s Quality Assurance System to guarantee a closer alignment with the existing quality culture, activities, and policies in place at TU Delft.

The Institutional Quality Standards encompass core elements such as the Extension School’s institutional philosophy, policies, and impact strategies. They ensure that as an organisation we are successfully embedded within the University and a key player in the larger ecosystem of continuing education and lifelong learning.

The Portfolio Quality Standards reflect our strategy to provide courses and programs on specific themes, which are based on the expertise of the University, can attract the right target audience, and have a beneficial impact TU Delft’s education and beyond. Therefore, our educational portfolio themes are of market and societal relevance, and we deliver online education in different formats to respond to the individual needs of lifelong learners and professionals.

The Course Quality Standards highlight the pedagogical model used in our unique course design and development: the cutting-edge course curriculum, learning activities, and technologies that create an optimal learning experience whilst fulfilling the relevant learning objectives.

educational portfolio themes

Extension School for Continuing Education

Image credits (CC-BY): Jorrit Pit on TU Delft Beeldportaal.