• Brand, market and promote the Extension School's portfolio
  • Manage and run the Extension School's administration including enrolments, payments and issuing certificates

2021 was another year of intense activity covering a series of developments in administration, business, communication, and marketing. Alongside the targeted, digital marketing of our courses and programs and the further development of our websites for an improved customer experience and communication outreach, we worked on the strategic development of our portfolio to continue to respond to learner and market needs. We further boosted the management and running of our full administration processes – from learner registration to financials and certification, including an improved reporting and management information cycle.

Group enrolments up by 340%

Examples of notable successes were a 30% increase in the conversion rate (from website visit to course enrolment) achieved by streamlining our digital enrolment process, and a 340% increase in group enrolments compared to 2020 through the optimal positioning of our group discount offer. In this regard, throughout the year we continued to register consistent interest from companies wishing to offer our courses and programs to their employees. Similarly, we received requests from several universities to use our online courses for their campus students as part of their regular study programs.

Administrative enhancements

From registration, query handling, and payment to course access and certification, our administrative process scored an excellent 8.37 out of 10 in the Learner Satisfaction Survey. To offer an even better customer experience in the future, we started a pilot to adopt the FAQtory platform to optimise the management of learners’ queries and their specific requests – of which we received over 8,000 in 2021. Furthermore, we improved the administration of the grading process so that from January 2022 instructors will be able to upload grades for their ProfEd courses autonomously; benefits of this change include providing timely insights on course participants, faster turnaround times, and diminished opportunity for errors.

“At Indeed we are committed to training our employees and equipping them with the tools necessary to innovate for the circular economy. We were searching for a course offering concrete tools and strategies that we could implement in our design process. The TU Delft’s course Circular Product Design Assessment provided this opportunity.”

issued certificates

+ 18% single courses - 5% programs*

* preliminary figures: data to Dec 2021, but some programs end in 2022

+ 29% revenue increase

8,206 learners' questions

8.37 customer satisfaction rating

444,449 website visits

79 email campaigns

137 paid advertising campaigns

77,250 visits from paid campaigns

Extension School for Continuing Education

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