Basics of quantum mechanics


Quantum mechanics and quantum technology 1.0

Quantum mechanics is the science of the very small. It explains the behavior of matter and its interactions with energy on the scale of atoms and subatomic particles.


Quantum technology 2.0

We are entering an era that we like to refer to as quantum 2.0. Not only are we able to understand the effects of quantum mechanics, we are now also able to actively manipulate individual particles at a quantum level and read out their states in a single shot.

The basics to understand
Quantum Internet

In our everyday lives we experience the world according to the rules of classical physics.

Classical internet vs Quantum internet

Apart from the fact that the process teaches us new physics, will a quantum internet have added value over the classical internet - the internet that we are currently all using?

The six stages of Quantum networks

Quantum networks will go through different stages of development until they reach their full functionality.


Quantum computing

A quantum computer can be compared to a classical computer, but instead of using classical bits it works with qubits.


Quantum repeaters

In space, photons can travel for hundreds and hundreds of kilometers with a small probability of getting lost.


Quantum teleportation

If you’ve watched Star Trek, or any other science fiction film where teleportation is commonplace, you probably already have an idea of what teleportation should look like.


Future scenarios

We can’t predict exactly when quantum technologies will become available, but we do expect breakthroughs that will make quantum applications feasible and viable in the coming decade.


Bringing the quantum internet to life

An interview with Stephanie Wehner, Professor of Quantum Information at TU Delft