Building on the qualities of TU Delft

At the TU Delft Library, we ensure that relevant and reliable knowledge can reach everyone, not only in the international academic world, but also in society as a whole. In this way we are contributing to the overarching mission of TU Delft: impact for a better society. We are also ensuring that the Library is ready for a future in which knowledge will increasingly be available digitally.

Qualities required

TU Delft contributes to solving global challenges by educating new generations of socially responsible engineers and by pushing the boundaries of the engineering sciences. Such solutions are achieved by working together across disciplinary boundaries. This calls for an accessible, inclusive organisation, with short lines of communication and a pragmatic approach: what is known as a ‘can-do’ mentality.

Building on TU Delft characteristics

These qualities characterise TU Delft and its Library: multidisciplinary collaboration, an accessible organisation and a ‘can-do’ and ‘show-don’t-tell’ mentality. This involves tackling issues and demonstrating how they can inspire and enrich. In this process, the Library believes it is important to make the needs of users the key priority in developing its services. In 2020-2024, the Library will continue to build on these qualities by making more TU Delft knowledge freely available, findable and visible. By analysing and identifying which knowledge is of value to the academic world and to society as a whole and by using a stimulating programme of events to show how freely available, reliable knowledge can enrich life.