We have defined three strategic themes to help shape our efforts for 2020-2024 in concrete terms. These themes will be reflected in our day-to-day work and decisions during this period and are based on our qualities and working methods. Briefly, they are:

Open Science

Our network function on campus, informal working methods and can-do mentality, makes us the driving force within TU Delft in enabling the culture shift towards Open Science. Over the next four years, we will be coordinating the university-wide strategic programme “Open Science – Research and Education in the Open Era”.

Visibility and impact

Our expertise and tools in the fields of data management, research intelligence and publishing enable us to increase the findability, visibility and impact of TU Delft knowledge.

Inspirational learning and working environment

In the Library, everyone is welcome to study in peace and quiet. This reflects our approach as an inclusive organisation. The Library is also an inspirational place where you can find new ideas and insights.

Why, how and what

In the next chapters, we take a closer look at the strategic themes, answering three key questions for each one of them. These are: why this theme is important, how the Library intends to approach it, and what proactive measures we intend to take in the form of specific key action points. Finally, we examine the organisational building blocks, which will help to guide Library staff, enabling them to contribute to achieving the strategic themes.