The organisational building blocks

The strategic themes provide direction for the Library for the 2020-2024 period. To make this future possible, everyone in the organisation must be able to contribute to the strategic themes. For this reason, we have drawn up four organisational building blocks to ensure that we know what we need to be able to do, how we work together, who we are, and what we need.

Knowledge and skills

This is what we can do in 2024

We are experts in searching for, selecting, adding metadata, managing, and presenting information. We stand for quality and are well informed about what is going on around us.

We have improved our skills in acquiring knowledge in a targeted and creative way. We pass on these methods of searching and finding to students and researchers.

In addition to specialist knowledge, we also have skills that can be applied more widely and which reflect a fast-changing society.

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We are able to build networks and apply them in our work. We are also creative and flexible. In addition, we are capable of critical thought, enabling us to assess the value and applicability of information, media and technical possibilities.

We consider it important to be able to move with the changing needs of our target groups and stakeholders. So we use ideas from both inside and outside the Library as our feeding ground, enabling us to work with others to accelerate the impact of knowledge.


This is how we collaborate in 2024

Together we know more and are capable of achieving more. So our staff engage in similar collaboration and work together in co-creation to improve products and services. We acknowledge the expertise of colleagues within TU Delft and collaborative partners outside the university. Co-creation ensures that all stakeholders have an influence on the process and the result.


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We invest in communication – the key to every form of collaboration. We listen to our partners, ensuring we have a better idea of what they are doing and enabling others to forge links easily that can result in new forms of collaboration. This applies within and beyond TU Delft.

Conduct and attitude

This is us in 2024

We are visible, approachable and service-oriented and offer our own knowledge as accessibly as possible. Listening to our target groups ensures we know what they need. This means that our actions are defined by an open and proactive attitude.

We demonstrate personal leadership. We take the lead in our work and continue to grow and develop. We know when to lead and when to follow.

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We are proactive and engaged with what we are working on as well as with the people with whom we are working. Personal leadership also means that we actively anticipate movements in the world around us.

Our work is in line with TU Delft’s integrity policy. This means showing respect for each other and each other’s values and embodying the interests of TU Delft in our work.

Infrastructure and services

This is what we need in 2024

The Library is future-oriented, which calls for innovative processes, facilities, infrastructure and systems. These are essential preconditions for doing our work effectively and they reinforce our Open Science strategy.

We actively gain ideas and feedback from our users, for example through user experience and our ‘ask-your-library’ customer service and we use this information to improve our services. We also work actively with partners and we participate in the right networks, so that we can identify changing needs at an early stage.

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In order to anticipate these needs effectively, we need to continually re-evaluate our procedures and facilities and develop them further where possible.

We use technology not because of its form, but because it helps us in our work. We experiment on a small scale with new technologies to find out what benefits they can bring. We anticipate the latest developments and identify innovations of today that may turn out to be the standards of tomorrow.

Overview of TU Delft Library expertise teams