The importance of freely available, reliable knowledge

Wilma van Wezenbeek, Director TU Delft Library

Because of the vast amount of digital data that can now easily be accessed, it has become increasingly difficult to find the right, relevant and reliable information that you actually need to make progress. For high-quality research and education, we must have access to reliable and freely available information.

The changing role of the Library Digitisation has transformed the Library’s role. Traditionally known as a place where reliable knowledge is stored, this is no longer the case. In this new age, the Library now fulfils the role of guide, helping to find valuable knowledge that can raise study, research and society to a higher level – regardless of where it may be: physically in the Library or digitally all over the world.

Valuable knowledge Every day at the TU Delft Library, we help people to find relevant and reliable knowledge produced by others and to publish and store their own knowledge. By thus ensuring the free flow of knowledge, we enable TU Delft knowledge also to be of value to others. We help students to progress by offering them that final piece of the puzzle they need to complete their thesis. We also assist researchers and lecturers in publishing their work openly, enabling everyone to use and reuse it. Together, we make sure that reliable and relevant knowledge is not locked away in an ivory tower, but is put to good use. In this way we are contributing to a better society.